Seiko Railroad Approved Watches.


railroad approved watches.

 Welcome to our selection of railroad approved watches. Railroad approved watches came in to existence around 1893. In 1891 a railroad disaster caused by faulty timepieces caused two trains to collide. This was the starting point of the birth of railroad watches. After this disaster standards were set by the railroad on watches that were used on the railroad. This is where the term rail road approved watches originated. Precision of railroad approves watches made them a higher quality time piece. One of the criteria of a watch  that is rail road approves is that it keep time within 30 seconds a week. Seiko railroad watches are following in the footsteps of the traditional railroad watch using modern time keeping technology. Rialroad approved watches are not as popular as they once were however if you are looking for an inexpensive high precision watch railroad approved watches are quite affordable.

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