How Seiko kinetic watches work.

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How Seiko kinetic watches work.

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1.     Oscillating weight in Seiko kinetic watches.

The everyday movement of your wrist rotates the oscillating weight in  Seiko kinetic watches.

2.    Gear train in Seiko kinetic watches.

This amplifies the rotational movement of oscillating weight  in Seiko kinetic watches  100 fold and transfers it to the rotor.

3.    Seiko kinetic watch rotor.

This is where the magic of kinetic watches begins. Every movement of the oscillating rotor in the kinetic watch is turned in to a  magnetic charge. The rotors in kinetic watches can spin 100,000 RPM’s faster then a formula one race car.

4.    Seiko kinetic watches Generating coil block.

The extremely high density coil in kinetic watches transforms the magnetic charge created by the kinetic watches rotor in to electricity to power the watch.

seiko kinetic oscillating weight

5.    Seiko kinetic energy unit.

The electrical energy that is created by a Seiko kinetic watches generating coil block is stored in this tiny technological marvel.

kinetic energy unit

6.    Kinetic watches Circuit block.

A very vital piece in a kinetic watch is the circuit block. The block controls the voltage, amps, and by quartz oscillation, produces a precise watch signal.

7. Quartz crystal oscillator.

This oscillator oscillates at a highly stable rate of 32,768 time per second.

seiko kinetic watches crystal oscillator & circuit board

8.    Step motor in Seiko kinetic watches.

The step motor converts the electrical signal in to a precise rotational motion that is transmitted to the hands through the gear train.

seiko kinetic watches step motor

9.    Seiko kinetic watch gear train.

seiko kinetic watch gear train

10. Hands

seiko kinetic watch hands


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